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DEC in Business Management – Creative Industries Management (profile 410.X0)

DEC | 410.D0
DEC | 410.D0 | DEC in Business Management – Creative Industries Management (profile 410.X0)

Are you both creative and logical? Combine both sides of your brain with our new formation in Creative Industries Management! Develop your skills as a management technician in a dynamic, creative environment.

Upon completing your program, you may work in places as diverse as architectural firms, festivals, video game design studios, film studios, radio, magazines, or content creation agencies.

Become a cultural project manager, entrepreneur, tour coordinator, marketing, programming, sponsorship, for example.

The creative industries include seven sectors:

  • Architecture and design
  • Performing arts, visual arts, musical arts, digital arts, and media arts
  • Video games
  • Multimedia
  • Media
  • Fashion
  • Creative communication (advertising)

They are the result of the interaction between the arts and new technologies and involve the production of content and its enhancement.

Montréal is an undisputed center of creativity, innovation and culture. In fact, 4.7% of all jobs in the metropolitan area are in creative industries.

Program availability

Creative Industries Management: What Is It?

Learn more about the new Creative Industries Management DEC program through this interview with François Bousquet (LaSalle College International School of Fashion, Arts and Design) and Chantal Durivage (Sensation Mode).

Entrepreneurship can be learned!

The Bootcamp is a series of activities organized for our students and mainly focuses on the understanding of management tools to start a business and succeed.

Creative Industries: Combining Creativity and Business

Have you ever thought about who manages and coordinates marketing agencies, festivals and companies in the fields of circus, video games and public art?


  • At the Montréal campus.

This program will enable students to develop versatility and autonomy in various managerial roles: marketing, accounting and finance, human resources, operations, or services and communication.

This program leads to a Diploma of College Studies (DEC) in Business Management (410.D0), recognized by the ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES).

LaSalle College has signed equivalence-granting agreements with various universities, from which our graduates can benefit to lighten course loads.

Creative Industry Management Technicians work in small, medium, and large companies.
  • Creative Administrative Technician
  • Project Manager
  • Tour Coordinator
  • Marketing and Media Coordinator
  • Event Manager
  • Programming and Event Coordinator
  • Sponsorship Coordinator

Have obtained a Secondary School Diploma (DES)


Have obtained a Professional Studies Diploma (DEP) and completed the following courses:

  • Language of Instruction from Secondary V
  • Second Language from Secondary V
  • Mathematics CST 4 (or Math 436)


Have obtained an equivalent education or an instruction deemed sufficient. Every case will be analysed by the College.

Semester 1
  • Career in the Creative Industry (45h)
  • Communication in a Creative Environment (45h)
  • Accounting in the Creative Industry (60h)
  • IT Tools for Management (45h)
  • Introduction to E-Business (45h)
Semester 2
  • Management Process (60h)
  • Financial Management in the Creative Industry (60h)
  • Statistics for Management (60h)
  • Creative Industry Marketing (60h)
  • Computer Tools for Creative Industries (45h)
Semester 3
  • Law and Ethics (45h)
  • Team and Human Resources Management (60h)
  • Economic News and Corporate Financing (60h)
  • Commercial Research and Innovative Market (60h)
Semester 4
  • Financial Analysis in the Creative Industry (45h)
  • Creative Environment Project (45h)
  • Global Trade in Creative Goods and Services (45h)
  • E-Marketing and Advertising (45h)
  • Sale of Products and Services (45h)
Semester 5
  • Planning and Management of the Operating Budget (45h)
  • Français des affaires en milieu créatif (60h)
  • Optimizing the Customer Experience (45h)
  • Strategic Marketing of Creative Industries (45h)
  • Development and enhancement of Products and Services (45h)
  • Project Management in the Creative Industry (45h)
Semester 6
  • Management and Development of a Sales Team (60h)
  • Digital Commerce (45h)
  • Creative Business Project (60h)
  • Internship in the Creative Industry (120h)
  • Sales and Commercial Representation (60h)

* The College reserves the right to substitute some courses.

  • 3 Physical Education courses (90h)
  • 3 Humanities courses (150h)
  • 4 Language and Literature courses (240h)
  • 2 Second Language courses (90h)
  • 2 complementary courses (90h)

Restyle your DEC program in fashion in the image of what YOU want to be with A program in your own colors.

  • Make YOUR DREAMS a reality with the tools that will be provided to you
  • Give your courses a personal touch by tailoring projects according to YOUR PERSONAL INTERESTS
  • Build a portfolio reflecting YOUR AMBITIONS

Work experience is recognized and in high demand by employers. The Work-Study Program (WSP) is an educational model that allows you to undertake two paid internships during your studies to gain work experience related to your field of study. Please consult the Work-Study Program section for more details. Not available to students who begin in the Winter semester.

The use of a laptop computer is mandatory (learn more). This laptop must be equipped with the Windows operating system to work with all software. Standard or student license software must be installed when requested by teachers.

The following features are required for PCs:

  • Processor: Intel I5 minimum
  • Memory: 8 GB recommended
  • Hard drive: 500 GB minimum
  • Screen: 14 inches minimum
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and LAN
  • Ports: minimum of one USB 3.0 port

We recommend purchasing an external numeric keyboard if your laptop does not already have one.

Required software: Sage 50, MS Office suite (Word, PP, Excel) + specialized software: MS Access and MS Visio, Dreamweaver CC, Adobe Acrobat Reader.