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Cancellation and departure

Policy and fees for cancelling an educational services contract

Cancelling a semester/cancelling an educational services contract

Once the student has paid their registration fees and signed their educational services contract, they are responsible for notifying the college if they wish to cancel their semester or educational services contract.

Please note that the educational and contractual aspects are not related. Withdrawing or cancelling without failure has no connection with cancelling the contract and the associated penalty costs.

Cancellation request

To cancel a semester (cancel the educational services contract), the student must inform their student coordinator or admissions advisor in writing of their intention to cancel their agreement and indicate their reason for cancelling. This date will be considered the official date of the cancellation request. 

If no notice is given, the student is considered enrolled in the program and must pay the tuition fees indicated in their contract as well as any other fees payable under the Program. The fact that the student does not attend or misses classes is not considered as a notice of departure or cancellation.

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