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Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)

New Feature in Hotel Management Technique: WIL – Remunerated Option

From Fall 2020, students of the Hotel Management Technique DEC training will have the opportunity to receive practical, concrete and paid field training in hospitality! A unique option in Montréal.

Multiple Advantages of WIL – Remunerated Option

The WIL – Remunerated option will enable students to acquire recognized work experience during their educational career while receiving a competitive salary. This option aims to enable graduating students to increase their chances of accessing managerial or supervisory roles more quickly.

From the first year of their program, the students selected will share their time between LaSalle College and the employer hotel establishment. Nearly 50% of the learning will take place through professional immersion. Many renowned hotels in Greater Montréal and the region support this WIL – Remunerated option, and will offer positions within their establishments.

Personalized Support

A LaSalle College teacher and a hotel supervisor will combine their efforts to provide practical and comprehensive training for the students throughout the program.

The hotel supervisor will play a role on three levels:

  • Technical supervision
  • Relationship supervision
  • Organizational supervision

The LaSalle College teacher will ensure that they adapt their teaching to the immersion context, and personalize their supervision based on the situations the students encounter in the field.

A Career Accelerator

The WIL – Remunerated option for the LaSalle College DEC in Hotel Management Technique provides an added value for the academic program. It is a dynamic educational approach focused on support, validation and skills consolidation to stand out on the job market and rise through the ranks more quickly.

Enrolment and Admissions Criteria

When enrolling for the DEC in Hotel Management Technique, students must choose the WIL – Remunerated option to submit their application.

To be selected, students must:

  • Pass a French language test with a result that is deemed satisfactory by the College
  • Have a good level of spoken English
  • Obtain an employment contract from a hotel guaranteeing them at least 8 hours a week
  • Demonstrate independence and a keen sense of responsibility
  • Meet the LaSalle College general admission criteria