Fashion Programs

A Program in Your Own Colors

A Program in Your Own Colors

Since there should be as many different paths as there are students, it’s now possible to customize your DEC program in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Creative Industries Management.

“A program in your own colors” lets you adjust your program to suit what YOU want to be!

Tools to make YOUR dreams a reality

The teachers are here for you, to guide you in the direction you want to go. To personalize your education, you will have access to teachers and professionals with the skills needed to teach the subject or techniques that interest you.

Do you want to design shoes? Take advantage of our partnership with ALDO Group to make good use of their expertise!

Tailor projects to YOUR interests

You’ll have the opportunity to customize your internships, projects and exercises so you can develop the specific skill sets for your aspirations. “A program in your own colors” will enable you to steer your education in a way that lets you seek the practical tools needed for achieving your dreams.

Does becoming a fashion blogger strike your fancy? Gear your History of Fashion work to modern times.

A portfolio reflecting YOUR ambitions

Enter the job market with a portfolio that already represents who you are. “A program in your own colors” lets you build your portfolio so it reflects who you want to be on the job market.

Is making men’s yoga attire what you want to do? Finish your studies with a portfolio that already demonstrates this expertise.

We don’t all share the same dreams. So why would we all take the exact same path? Add some flair to your program in Fashion DesignFashion Marketing or Creative Industries Management to truly make it your own.