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Creative Industries: Combining Creativity and Business

Creative industries management program in Montreal
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November 14, 2019

Good things are happening in Montreal and at LaSalle College, too! When you think about the city’s creativity, images of circus productions, festivals, video games, public art, artificial intelligence or marketing agencies may spring to mind.

But have you ever thought about who manages and coordinates these companies? Starting this fall, LaSalle College will give you the opportunity to engage both sides of your brain with our new DEC in Creative Industries Management.

Creative industries include seven sub-sectors: architecture and design, fashion, art, video games, media, advertising and multimedia. They require skills in both the arts and new technologies and involve producing and marketing content. Take for example companies like Moment Factory, Rodeo FX, Ubisoft, Cirque du Soleil and Cossette.

Montreal: A Creative City

Montreal is an undisputed center of creativity, innovation and culture. In fact, 4.7% of all jobs in the metropolitan area are in creative industries1.

This sector also helps stimulate cultural tourism, one of the segments that’s growing the fastest in the tourism industry.

People in the industry work at places as varied and dynamic as architecture firms, festivals, video game design studios, film studios, radio stations, magazines, and content creation agencies.

And just like so-called traditional industries, these new industries also need management, coordination and marketing. Creativity is great, but you also need to know how to promote it!

Creating Future Managers

Creative industries form a rapidly growing sector that employs producers, publicists, project managers, entrepreneurs, tour coordinators, marketers, programmers, sponsorship coordinators and more. 

They need individuals who have a handle on both the creative aspect and the business aspect of the cultural and media landscape.

LaSalle College created the new DEC in Creative Industries Management to meet this demand. The program is designed for the managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow who want to use both their creative side and their logical side. 

This college program touches on all technical aspects of creative industries, such as marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, operations, services and communication. 

Developing Skills for the 20th Century

Did you know that more than 64% of creative companies have less than five employees? No fewer than 27.7% of jobs in creative industries are held by entrepreneurs and self-employed workers1

In addition to emphasizing entrepreneurship and innovation, several of LaSalle College’s programs give you the option of customizing the program to fit your interests with A Program in Your Own Colors.

1Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, Creative industries: succeeding in a rapidly evolving environment (in French only), 2018

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