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Interview with Hoai Thu Nguyen

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December 3, 2020

Interview with Hoai Thu Nguyen, Admissions Counsellor at LaSalle College and also a graduate in Hotel Lodging Management.

Why did you choose to study in Canada? 
I think the main reason is that Canada is a country known worldwide for its good quality of life, with a diverse and bilingual culture. I lived in France for 6 years so I was looking for another place where I could continue to speak French, while improving my English.

Why did you choose LaSalle College? 
I had a friend who studied hotel management at LaSalle College and who was very enthusiastic about it. That's the field I was studying in France and LaSalle College has an excellent reputation for everything related to hospitality studies.

What training did you follow at LaSalle College?

I took the AEC in Hotel Lodging Management.

What part of your studies at LaSalle College did you enjoy the most? 
Not only did I find myself in a multicultural environment in the heart of a major city, but I was able to benefit from the teaching of talented, passionate and connected professors who taught me a lot from their own professional experience.

How did you end up working at LaSalle College? 
When I finished my studies at LaSalle College, I quickly found a job in the hospitality industry. After the birth of my first child, I realized that I couldn't continue in this field if I wanted to have a quality family life. I was still in contact with people working at LaSalle College, and I really liked the work atmosphere. I told myself that not only would it be a place where I could put into practice the 4 languages I speak, but more importantly, that I could mentor international students who were coming to the country and going through the same experience I had.

Can you tell us about your position?
I am now in charge of recruiting international students, more specifically from South Asia, Latin America and North America.

Why would you recommend LaSalle College to international students? 
Because it's an incredible college that offers programs in English or French, with some programs being offered in both languages. I also find that many of the educational projects that are set up through the different programs are very close to the professional reality.
It is also one of the most flexible colleges in Quebec to encourage accelerated pathways. We also fully understand the reality of having to follow a training program while being on the job market.

I could spend my day coming up with reasons, but I think that, overall, I like the opportunities we offer students. They can participate in regional, national and international competitions, as well as take part in internships in the most innovative companies on the market, and we make sure to facilitate the development of their entrepreneurial spirit. They are armed for the future.

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