Victory in Tunis for our students! | LaSalle College Montréal
GSEC 2023

Victory in Tunis for our students!

GSEC 2023
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July 17, 2023

Organized by the LCI Éducation network in collaboration with our campuses in Tunisia and Morocco, The Global Student Entrepreneurship Constest (GSEC 2023) was open to all Collège LaSalle students who had a business idea they'd like to bring to fruition. Mentored by their teachers from the Creative Industries program over several months, Andrea Llosa del Rio and Leonardo Giraldo Pinato first took part in the regional final, where in Montreal, the Inner Sense team won tickets to the international final to be held in Tunisia.


Once in Tunis, the team headed to Sidi Bou Saïd to admire the city and the sea. Refreshed from their outing, they headed to the Collège LaSalle’s campus in Tunis for a tour of the premises and the competition’s finals.


The Inner Sense team's project: a prenatal and postpartum support program for couples. This project was built on Andrea's personal experience of working alongside gynecologists and doctors, and seeing first-hand the effect that good physical and emotional preparation can have on coping with the postpartum period. The Inner Sense team has therefore built up a more in-depth service that seeks out breathing, meditation and reflection techniques to complement the work of medical professionals.

The competition was fierce, but our students' project impressed the judges! With this second victory, Andrea and Leonardo took home a 2,500$ prize provided by Collèges LaSalle Montréal, Tunis and Morocco!


Congratulations to team Inner Sense!

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