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Connecting to and Using Adobe Connect

Connexion - Adobe Connect
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March 20, 2020

How do I log in to Adobe Connect?

Dear students, you will find below the step-by-step procedure to connect to your Adobe Connect online learning platform.

1- Check your schedule on Omnivox and make sure you are ready to start your online course at the scheduled time. 

Remember that every teacher is required to take attendance!​

2- Take note of the name of the teacher of the course.​

3- Consult the list sent to you during the week of May 4th by your school or consult it on Omnivox and click on the link associated with the name of the teacher for each course.

4- Choose "GUEST" and enter your first and last name. Then click on the "Enter Room" button.

5- You will then arrive in your class. Click on "Open Adobe Connect".

Before continuing, make sure you are in the right class by checking the number at the top left of the screen.

How to use the platform?

1- In the “Meeting” drop-down menu at the top left, complete the “Audio Setup Wizard”.

This will allow you to hear the person speaking and it will also allow them to hear you once the session has started.

2- At the top left, the icon with the character who raise its hand gives you access to a drop-down menu to b able to interact with your teacher.

3- Access the conversation so that you can interact (by chatting) with your teacher during your class.

4- Use your microphone:

The presenter must activate and give you access to the microphone.

When the microphone icon appears next to your name, click the icon at the top of your screen and select “Connect my audio”.

When both icons (microphone and speaker) are GREEN, you can talk! 

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