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Inspira Podcast

A Successful First Year for Inspira Podcast

June 28, 2023

Since February 1, 2023, we have released 10 episodes of our Inspira Podcast project. Hosted by our ambassador, the talented Stéphane LeDuc, each episode aimed to inspire the next generation of professionals and show them that anything is possible. Here's a quick recap of our first year : 

Boldness and Skatewear with Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert*

In this first episode of the Inspira podcast, we welcome Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert, designer and teacher! In between projects in his busy fall, Markantoine tells us how to find his identity as a fashion brand and why he associates his company MRKTN with the world of skatewear. Our hosts also take a look back at the designer's past events, such as his collaboration with Simons, his appearance on the popular series Making The Cut and even the homophobic assault he and his partner experienced a few years ago. 

TW: physical and verbal aggression

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The Art of Knowing Your Limits With Sophie Montminy*

In this episode, we talk to Sophie Montmimy, author of the novel "Imparfaite", producer and host of the podcast "Femmes de fer". We discuss the pressure of not disappointing, the art of setting limits, our relationship with social media and much more... 

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Mahrzad Lari's Love for Fashion*

In this episode, Mahrzad Lari visits the studio to discuss his passion for fashion and the steps that led him to create his company "Wide the Brand". What are the challenges behind plus-size design? Where do we stand on body diversity? Listen to the episode to find out more! 

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NFT, Fashion and Passion with Matt Beach.

What is an NFT? Why is everyone talking about it? What's the link between NFT and fashion? What's the next big trend in the digital industry? Monolith's passionate creative art director, Matt Beach, is here to answer all your questions! 


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The Beauty Industry with Sarah Laroche*

In this episode, SELV RITUEL's Sarah Laroche talks to our host about the importance of an address book, the differences between the fashion and beauty industries, and the misogyny present in both. An inspiring conversation in which we discover the values of this magnificent businesswoman. 

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Technology, Evolution and the Hotel Industry with Marc Saunier*

In this episode, Hotel Consultant Marc Saunier discusses his experiences in the field, innovations in the industry and his interesting relationship with technology. A captivating conversation sure to inspire many! 


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The World of Dance with Guillaume Côté

In an inspiring discussion with dancer and choreographer Guillaume Côté, our host Stéphane Leduc and his guests discuss stereotypes in the world of dance, gender identity, Guillaume's unique journey and the world of ballet and dance in general. 

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Cooking and Agriculture with Dominic Labelle*

Dominic Labelle, farmer and chef of Parcelles restaurant, talks about his career in the restaurant and agriculture industry. Having worked in restaurants such as Montréal Plaza and Pied de cochon, the chef shares his influences and the adventures that led him to open his own restaurant. 

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Liam Lewis, Chef and Professional Ice Skater

In this episode, our host Stéphane Le Duc interviews Liam Lewis, Professional Ice Skater and Chef. Together, they talk about the key to balance, Liam's life and young age, his social media presence, how to handle the pressure of being a professional athlete and why he loves thrift stores so much! 

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A passion for Writing with Joanie Pietracupa*

In this episode, we welcome fashion journalist, editor-in-chief and author Joanie Pietracupa to the studio. Joanie shares with us the origins of her passion for cinema and writing, talks about her management approach, which emphasizes empathy and listening, and discusses her personal experience with anxiety. 

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We'd also like to take a moment to thank our wonderful host, Stéphane Le Duc, for a wonderful year of discussions and discoveries. We look forward to seeing you all again in the next season of Inspira!


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