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5 Reasons to Take Part in Student for a Day

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January 8, 2018

If you’re asking yourself why you should come spend the day at LaSalle College, here are 5 good reasons to step into the shoes of a LaSalle College student for the Student for a Day event!

etudiants collège

1) Because it’s better in person

The Student for a Day event is the perfect opportunity to talk to students, teachers and other representatives at LaSalle College. They will be able to answer your questions about our courses or student life.

Of course, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get an idea of student life, but it’s much better IRL, right?

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2) To confirm your choice of program…

We know. Choosing a career is scary! We aren’t always sure that we will enjoy a program as much as we thought.

But spending the day in the life of a student will help you to validate your choice of program by making sure it really interests you.

etudiante indécise

3) … or choose between two programs!

Making a decision is even harder if you’re interested in more than one program. If you’re in this predicament, make the most of the event and try a program before making your final decision.

Plaza étudiante Collège LaSalle

4) To get ahead

Use the day to get your bearings. Ask program teachers your questions, see where you will have your classes, visit the mezzanine, the student Plaza, the places to study…

It’s the best way to look like you know where you’re going on your first day here!

Tirelire au repos

5) It’s free!

Save your money for pumpkin spice lattes and that great new scarf that you’ve had your eye on. Student for a Day is free! Plus, the lunch is included. Come on, there’s no reason not to take part!


Would you like to know more about LaSalle College? If you are finishing high school soon or you see yourself starting a DCS in the near future, this day is for you. Spend a day in the shoes of a LaSalle College student!

Visit the College, try out a class or workshop, meet your program director, talk to advisors and get to know other potential students. And, you get lunch too!

Discover when the next Student for a Day will take place on the Events page.

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