CONTEST : Les vitrines d’Alexis

February 24, 2016

Until March 7, 2016, vote for one of the four window displays designed by Fashion Marketing students at LaSalle Collège and get a chance to win a $100 Alexis Nihon gift card.

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Concept 1 – City Effervescence 

Spring 2016 is a season with a fertile imagination. Using the “Soft Pop” trend of Spring 2016, this team emphasized on tender pastel colours, light pink for the floor, white for the ceiling and a hologram wallpaper for both walls. Inspired by spring rain, they put an iridescent puddle on the floor, hologram wallpaper to create the illusion of rain, and bicycle wheels. This composition is symmetrical and vertical.

Elena Kamlyk
Adrienne Labine Leclair
Émilie Legrand
Allyson Millette-Poirier 

Concept 2 – Rêve de printemps 

Can words describe spring’s fragrance? Spring is beautiful, unique and unexpected. Imagine combining it with urban chic fashion, it will take you on a romantic journey of dreamy sensations. This window display concept revolves around dreamy spring that focuses on pastel colors with a hint of femininity. The purpose of this window display is to showcase the beautiful scenery, weather and mood that follow the cold and gloomy atmosphere of winter, and at the same time show the latest trends that Montreal has to offer this spring.

Luisa Fernando Yepes Valencia
Ana Pagan   

Concept 3 – A.R.T.E. 

This theme has been developed by focusing on Spring/Summer 2016 trends, where we find a wide range of pastel colours with bold cuts that remind us of the beauty of nature’s rebirth in springtime as well as the awaited summer heat. The back wall is made of reused wooden pallets, painted with trendy colours. The A.R.T.E. concept is inspired by colours, with paint and recycling as key elements, which brings aesthetic appeal to the window display while being environmentally friendly.

Julie Lamoureaux
Thanh Dai Pham
Étienne Rochette
Angelica Sanchez Castillo   

Concept 4 – Sport Luxe 

The return of the sun and warmth during spring inspires everyone to get out and exercise! The vibrant colours, urban prints, and casual silhouettes are combined with a soft pink background, that is a key trend for Spring 2016. The plastic bottles, as a background, express the extreme consumption within our modern society.

Jonathan Archer
Diana Bueno
Mallory Gonzales
Salinger Rodrigues

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