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Time Management

10 tips to optimize your study time

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October 19, 2020

With the new reality of remote learning, it is normal to be confused and have difficulty targeting priorities. That's why learning to manage your study time not only helps you become more efficient, but also reduces the stress and anxiety associated with a lack of productivity.

Special Care Counselling teacher, Marilène Lemay, shares 10 practical tips on how to optimize your time to improve your work habits and reduce anxiety. 

1. Allow yourself time to adjust; moving from classroom to online instruction is a process. Be patient and gentle with yourself. 

2. Set a regular daily routine. For example, go to bed and get up at the same time, eat breakfast every morning, attend classes, take some breaks for hobbies, etc. 

3. Organize your school days and weeks. Find a tool that you are comfortable with: a paper or digital agenda, set an alarm, etc. 

4. Write down all the tasks you need to do in your day and week (use a colour code, for example).

5. Study by starting with the tasks you enjoy, then move on to those you find more difficult. Study in short periods, alternating with breaks. 

6. Include entertainment activities in your weekday schedule to reward your efforts and to take some time off. 

7. Allow an extra 30-45 minutes when travelling to the College for your classroom classes. 

8. Make sure that your systems and devices are working properly before you start your online courses: Teams application, sound and headphones.

9. Log on to the virtual classrooms 5 to 10 minutes before your class to start your lessons in a relaxed manner. 

10. Inform your teacher if you encounter any personal, techno logical or other difficulties that impact your time management and academic progress. 

Discussion group workshops available throughout the year

If you are more stressed than usual, lack motivation or need to talk about your current concerns, Social Intervention Counsellor, Pierre Bélanger, is offering discussion group workshops to support you during your studies. To attend the sessions, please consult the schedule that will be posted on Omnivox each week with the different themes that will be discussed.