Signature 2016 Fashion Show Presented by LaSalle College Fashion Design Students

May 9, 2016

Last night was held Signature 2016 at Montreal’s Olympic Park. This major event is a celebration of the tremendous work accomplished by the graduating students of LaSalle College Montreal’s Fashion Design program, before an audience of 4,000 people. The 2016 edition paid tribute to craft fashion. Nearly 100 students, coming from many countries, were proud to reveal their themes, one of which was influenced by Nicola Pelly (Parachute). 

Tribute to craft fashion 

This year, students were keen to pay tribute to craft fashion. “Art is no longer the enemy of the industry, both sectors have become inseparable. Thus, everything is done to innovate, enhance techniques, marry tradition and creation.” stated François Bousquet, director of LaSalle College’s International School of Fashion, Arts and Design. 

Parachute – Nicola Pelly 

The students have been working closely for nearly 18 months with Nicola Pelly to create a collection based on the philosophy and approach of the Parachute design. Inspired by Japanese culture as well as the 1980s with woman liberty and androgyny, the Parachute approach is intellectual whilst focusing on world trends. This enriching academic experience has helped the students understand how this designer works, and learn first-hand about the realities of the market they will soon enter. 

A springboard for the new generation  

Fashion design graduates of LaSalle College have a reputation for charming the industry with their incredible talent and unusual creations, which demonstrates that these young people have made the student-to-fashion-designer transition. The Signature Fashion Show is an excellent way to propel these future designers towards the national and international fashion and apparel markets. At each edition, outstanding talents, such as Annie Horth, Denis Gagnon, Jérôme C. Rousseau, Marie Saint Pierre, Mariouche Gagné, Pedram Karimi, Thomas Tait, the Joncas twins and Travis Taddeo have been discovered and there is no doubt that those taking part in the 2016 edition have lived up to the school’s reputation. 

An internationally-renowned school 

Signature 2016 creations are entirely designed by Fashion Design students. For them, it is the culmination of three years of study and hard work, exploring fabrics, cuts and colors. For more than 40 years, the International School of Fashion, Arts and Design propels young talents in fashion design and fashion marketing nationally and internationally. Its program, offered in Canada, at the Montreal and Vancouver campuses, provides graduates an unparalleled recognition.

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