LaSalle College Montréal presents Generation Z : a 360° fashion event

August 12, 2015

For the 15th edition of the Fashion and Design Festival, LaSalle College Montréal will present GENERATION Z: a 360° fashion event. This fashiontainment event, created by Groupe Sensation Mode, aims to be bold, drawing its inspiration from the creative universes of the emerging and unconventional Generation Z. It will be held on Friday, August 21, 2015 at 9:30 p.m. at the Passerelle Casino de Montréal on the Place des Festivals


Colourful fashiontainment 

With the presence of the group “Qualité Motel”, an all-electronic side project created by the 5 band members of “Misteur Valaire”, as well as several DJs and VJs, this fashion show can’t help but be festive and colourful. The hundred-plus models strutting on stage and through the crowd during the happening’s 90 minutes will provide a unique experience to audience members. 

“Over 100 models on one outdoor stage: that’s never been seen before in Quebec! After the first creation and production meetings, this fashiontainment event is shaping up to be huge and promises to break from the traditional fashion show mold. Get your eyes and ears ready for a real treat,” exclaimed François Bousquet, director of LaSalle College Montréal’s International School of Fashion, Arts and Design. 

The ABC of the Zs 

This show, directed by Christian Pronovost and styled by Milan Tanedjikov, will highlight the works and collections of several designers from Montreal and Barcelona, including: 

  • Albec Bunsen, Barcelona
  • Carlota Millán, Barcelona
  • Diodati, Montreal
  • Field of Ponies, Montreal
  • Fran Jiménez, Barcelona
  • Markantoine, Montreal
  • Pedram Karimi, Montreal
  • Settler Jeans, Montreal
  • This is a collection, Montreal 

Mostly Gen Zers, these designers, who represent LaSalle College Montréal or FDModa (LCI Barcelona’s school of fashion) – both campuses in the LCI Education network – will get together for one single night to present the manifesto of a generation. 

“This fashion show will present the unique way that Gen Z receives, processes and perceives information and how it communicates with the world. This show is literally the ABC of the Zs,” added Christian Pronovost, creative director.

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