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A New Face for the Four Pillars of LaSalle College

The four pillars of LaSalle College
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June 29, 2020

As part of their training in the Computer Graphics (DEP) program, students were mandated to design a visual putting forth the four fundamental pillars of LaSalle College: Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the Openess to the world. The project was supervised by Lucie Hanachian, a teacher at the International School of Fashion, Arts and Design.

The project that stood out the most and got selected was Setareh Zand Yazdani’s for her creation of four icons representing each pillar with a face referring to the college's logo. 

The student, originally from Tehran, Iran, arrived in Montréal ten months ago to deepen her knowledge of graphic design through LaSalle College's DEP in Computer Graphics. She agreed to explain her background and her creative process.  

Can you describe your academic and professional background? What led you to study Computer Graphics at LaSalle College?

It was in high school, when I was introduced to the world of graphic design, that I fell in love with it. I then continued my studies at Azad University in Tehran, Iran, where I graduated in graphic design. 

Over the last ten years, I have gained a lot of experience working as an interface designer and a freelance graphic designer. I came to LaSalle College to study in Computer Graphics to learn more techniques in Graphic Designing in order to broaden my professional horizons.

How would you qualify the relevance of this type of project during your studies?

This project was one of the most interesting projects I worked on because it was a good opportunity to put my knowledge into practice. Also, working with a real client while being a newcomer to Canada was a great experience. I was able to learn and understand the process of project development and creation here in Québec. 

What was your reaction when you learned that your project won?

I was very happy because I was proud of my work and I believed in it. I also knew that the other projects were of a high calibre and that they all deserved to win. 

Can you describe your creative process for this project?  

I tried to create a face representing LaSalle College from their logo and integrated the pillars into it.

What were your sources of inspiration? 

In my opinion, the main pillars of any college are the people who are there, who are connected by their minds and brains and who grow there. Teachers use their minds to teach, students use it to learn, and the administrative staff use it to manage programs. My design was inspired by this idea. 

What do you do when you run out of inspiration?

I try to put the project on hold for a while and then observe my surroundings. I read a book, look at people, nature and the masterpieces of great artists. It helps me to reorient myself and find my inspiration.

Who are your inspiration models and why?

Usually, nature is my inspiration because it is a masterpiece and we are part of it.

What are your plans and ambitions for the future? 

After my studies, I would like to find a good job in a big agency as a Graphic Designer in Montréal. I want to see my artwork everywhere and be successful in my career.

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