Body/Time/Space - LaSalle College Graduates' Exhibition

June 8, 2016

From April 26 to May 1, Galerie Carte Blanche hosted the Body/Time/Space exhibition set up by graduates in the Arts, Literature, and Communication Program, Arts and Design Option at LaSalle College. They have been working and developing together for the past two years. Last month, they installed an exhibition created for the program's comprehensive final exam.

The vernissage was held April 27. Visitors were invited to enter the world imagined by the students and to listen to, experience, and appreciate the richness of these young artists' ideas. The artwork in the exhibition resulted from a long process of research, development, and reflection on contemporary artistic practices.

Following the exhibition, three finalists’ artwork was selected by a jury composed of instructors Véronique Ducharme, Claudine Nolin, and Valérie Tremblay. The Jury Prize was awarded to Marguerite Schimann-Derrien, who won a $250 scholarship.

Miriam Houhou earned a $200 scholarship from the People's Choice award.

The jury also gave a $100 scholarship to Svetlana Roudavina for knowing how to integrate the overall training into her final project in an exemplary way.

Congratulations to the scholarship recipients, as well as the cohort completing the Arts, Literature, and Communication Program, Arts and Design Option.

©Véronique Ducharme

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