Bilingual Programs

Bilingual Options at LaSalle College

February 4, 2016

Starting Fall 2016, students at LaSalle College will be able to choose programs taught in French, English, or now in both languages through the bilingual options

“LaSalle College has always managed to offer students the opportunity to excel. The bilingual option is designed for students who wish to develop and improve their written and oral competence in a second language, yet not commit to total immersion. Depending on their course of study, students will take between 25 to 40% of their classes in their second language,” said Jacques Marchand, CEO of LaSalle College. 

Bilingual options are available in the following DEC programs: 

  • Fashion Design – Only available in Quebec!
  • Fashion Marketing – Only available in Quebec!
  • Hotel and Tourism Management – Only available in Quebec!
    • Hotel Management Techniques
    • Food Service Management
    • Tourism Techniques 
  • Social Sciences
    • Individual and Society option
    • Global Vision option
    • International Studies option 

The Advantages of a Bilingual Option at LaSalle College 

Bilingual immersion allows students to acquire new language skills and prepares them to face the realities of the labor market. For some students, it can even open the doors to an international career. Upon completion of their studies, all graduates of these new options will receive a diploma including the bilingual distinction, a tangible proof of acquired language proficiency. 

Mr. François Bousquet, LaSalle College's Director of the International School of Fashion, Arts and Design, and Ms. Martine Lizotte, Director of the International School of Hotel Management and Tourism, indicate that in the globalized market of which we are all a part, where business is conducted both locally and internationally, the opportunity to receive recognized bilingual training is an important asset for graduates. 

Open House 

In preparation for March 1st, LaSalle College invites all interested students to attend the next Open House that will be held on Tuesday, February 9th, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Here, students will be able to meet with directors and teachers and become familiar with these new options.

Fashion Arts & Design
Social Sciences & Education
Hotel Management & Tourism