A 3D Printer for LaSalle College and Inter-Dec College Students

November 20, 2015

In the past few weeks, LaSalle College and Inter-Dec College have completed the acquisition of a 3D printer, the Cube Pro 3D Printer, manufactured by 3D Systems, a world leader in this sector. In parallel, both colleges also acquired the Sense 3D Scanner, a user-friendly tool used for 3D scanning of any element part of an immediate environment and its transformation through a 3D editing software. The arrival of these new technologies on campus will certainly delight the students, but also teachers and employees of the two colleges. 

Cube Pro 3D Printer + Sense 3D Scanner 

Technological Pedagogical Innovation Pioneers 

Subsequently, next January, the two institutions will showcase technological and pedagogical innovation by integrating usage of the new 3D printer as part of some courses offered at the International School of Fashion, Arts and Design of LaSalle College. Students part of the video games and interior design programs at Inter-Dec College will also be among the first invited to test the limits of their creativity through the use of this printer.

Fashion Arts & Design