Required Documents
Future students

Required Documents

Required Documents

The following documents must be attached to the application form upon submission:

  1. An application form which has been duly completed
  2. The candidates’ birth certificate or an official copy of the act of birth
  3. Payment of the application fee
  4. Student record
      • The most recent academic records:
        • If the applicant completed his studies in the province of Québec, his record must be issued by the MEES
        • If the applicant studied in another province within Canada, his transcripts must be issued by the Ministry of Education from the province or territory where he attended school
        • If the applicant studied outside of Canada, his record must be issued by an educational institution or by the state
  5. For students that did not complete their secondary education in Canada, the results of a standardized language test*:
      • In English: IELTS Academic, TOEFL iBT, Cambridge
      • In French: TCF tout public (TCF Québec and TCF Canada are not accepted), DELF tout public level B2, DALF, TEF (TEF Québec and TEF Canada are not accepted. Required components: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, vocabulary and structure)

* Note: Please refer to the Admission Regulation for more details.

If the certification is not clearly indicated on the transcript or diploma, the candidate will be required to submit certified copies or the original copies of the transcripts and/or diplomas.

Any official document issued outside of Québec must be a certified copy or the original. If the accompanying documents are not in English or in French, an official translation in one of these languages must be attached. Only documents translated by a certified translator will be accepted as official translations.

A retention code will be assigned to all incomplete files which will postpone the regular application and registration process, as well as delay access to services.