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Design & Multimedia | NWY.1D | AEC in Video Editing

Create high definition entertainment at the only college level institution in Montréal that is fully focused on video post-production!

This Video Editing AEC course teaches the basics of television, compositing, audio mixing and the whole process of editing, from acquiring media to “mastering”. When you have graduated, you will be able to use your creativity as a junior or senior video editor for public, corporate and web television. You will be the editor who is most up to the challenge!

Beyond working with our AVID Media composer certified teacher to learn this key software for the industry, students of the Video Editing course will learn to master the Adobe Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator) and Final cut.

Today's digital and viral video landscape has created a massive need for video editors. As a graduate, you will be fully qualified to move up the ladder quickly, from production assistant to senior editor, and work on HD television programs and digital films. Our alumni work, among others, at RDS and Discovery Channel.

Spotlight on Our Alumni

Many of our alumni have dream-like professional careers.

Our Video Editing Classrooms

Our Montréal campus has a video editing classroom surrounded by individual video editing stations at the cutting-edge of technology.


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  • Video editing technician
  • Video/audio editor
  • Assistant video/audio editor
  • Image retoucher
  • Television production technician
  • The only highly specialized training in Avid Media Composer with an Avid-certified teacher in Montréal
  • The only training in Montréal focused on post-production
  • Classrooms designed with editing stations to match industry standards
  • Teachers who are active in the industry
  • Transdisciplinary collaboration of LaSalle College programs

Attestation of College Studies.

  • Video Editing: Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro
  • Visual creation: Photoshop, BCC, After Effects
  • Compression: Sorenson squeeze, Compressor
  • DVD Editor: DVD studio pro, Encore DVD
  • Use working methods, equipments and software used in the field of video editing in order for you to be able to produce videos for television and corporations
  • Use communicative methods from a graphical and artistic point of view in order to communicate a message according to the client's needs and requirements
  • Manage the narrative process of conveying the message, from content acquisition to the master film deliverable to client
  • Recognize opportunities as well as understand economic and artistic constraints of the different branches in this profession in order for you to be able to work effectively and efficiently as an employee or self-employed

One year (three 15-week semesters). Total of 900 hours.

This training is offered in English or French.

  • You possess a certain degree of ability for the synthesis of information, the selection and management of content, and the delivery as per television norms
  • You are looking to develop your ability to tell stories through visual material
  • Passionate about audiovisual post-production
  • You would like to work for television, join a corporation's communications department or start your own post-production services company for TV shows, advertising or web