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An Animated Movie by a Tutor at the Cannes Film Festival

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May 9, 2018

Helena’s Dream, a short 3D animation film written and directed by e-learning tutor Héloïse Magny, will be presented at the Animation Day In Cannes.

Helena’s Dream tells the story of a little girl with cancer who uses her imagination to confront her illness.

The short film won the Best Foreign Film and Best Director Animation prizes at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, as well as prizes in the Best Shorts Competition and Accolade Global Film Competition (awards of merit).

This is the first film by Héloïse Magny, who has taught at LaSalle College for 3 years on the 3D Animation for television and cinema program, as well as being a tutor for the LaSalle College E-learning School.

Animation Day in Cannes is a day promoting animation at the Cannes Film Festival. Héloïse Magny will attend on May 16 to present her film.

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