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Hervé Mortel

CISCO Network Management | AEC

Network Technician, TC Transcontinental

Tell us about your experience.

I was a Tier II IT technician and I decided to specialize by completing two training courses at LaSalle College: CISCO Network Management and IP Telephony Development.

Following this training, I found a job at the Université de Montréal as a telecommunications technician. I was able to showcase what I’d learned at LaSalle College and develop even more specialized skills.

Now I’m working as a network technician at TC Transcontinental. I oversee IT infrastructure for three business units.

How did your coursework at LaSalle College help you?

I received a lot from this training. First, I gained the expertise to do well in the network telecommunications and IP telephony fields. The teachers who trained me were good at guiding my education, giving me confidence to be successful on the job market.

What advice would you give young people who are training in the same field as you?

The first piece of advice I would give is to use all the resources available to them to so they can clearly understand the material they’re learning. Ask teachers, classmates and professionals lots of questions.

My second bit of advice: always be alert and seek to learn independently.

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