60 Reasons to Love Our College

60 reasons to love our College

In 2019, LaSalle College celebrated its 60th anniversary. For the occasion, we have compiled a list of 60 reasons to love the College.

raison 1

All (STM) roads lead to LaSalle College

With three metro stations and more than 15 bus lines stopping a stone’s throw from the College, you can’t miss us.

Say goodbye to straws and plastic water bottles

At the request of both staff and students, our cafeteria and our vending machines will no longer offer these single-use products. Bring your own reusable bottle!

raison 2

raison 3

French? English? How about both!

Because we’re one of the few college institutions in Québec to offer bilingual study options for some of our DEC programs.

You can get yourself a makeover

Hairstyles, makeup, nail care and more! Sharing a building with LaSalle College, the Inter-Dec College’s Beauty students offer a variety of low-cost services so you can get dressed to impress!

raison 4

raison 5

This ad from the ’90s...

It’s true, back in the day, this was an amazing ad!


You can combine work, study and family

“The online AECs allow parents like me to complete additional studies in an area we’re passionate about while still being available for our families.”
– Suggestion from Julie Durand, Interior Design student (E-Learning school)

raison 6

raison 7

Lifetime access to our Career Services

You can get help writing your resume, looking for jobs and much more while you’re studying and after graduation.

Our classrooms have plants

Just because we’re downtown doesn’t mean we can’t have real trees, hanging plants and a plant wall in class. After all, we’re a green college!

raison 8

raison 9

A three-course meal between two courses

Want a gourmet meal without even leaving campus? La Classe Restaurant offers delicious meals at an affordable price.

Our new mural on the 6th floor

This lovely work, overseen by a well-known muralist, is located in a somewhat hidden spot at the College… but it deserves to be visited more often.

raison 10

raison 11

Canada’s largest fashion show

Each year, more than 4000 spectators attend our Signature fashion show, the final project for Fashion Design students, making it the largest in Canada for nearly 30 years.

The practical approach of our programs

“I like what I’m studying because it’s so practical and useful. Thanks to everyone who has helped me learn more about it and allowed me to use what I’ve learned right away. ”
- Suggestion from Maryam Rezaei Milani, Event Planning student

raison 12

raison 13

The LaSalle à Manger poke bowl

Check out the menu in our cafeteria, LaSalle à Manger, because the poke bowl is definitely worth trying.

Learn from the pros

Our teachers are industry experts and stay up-to-date on the latest trends. They prepare students well so they can hit the ground running when they enter the job market.

raison 14

raison 15

Just steps from more than 1200 stores

LaSalle College is located on Sainte-Catherine Street, the most famous shopping area in the city. With its underground pedestrian network, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for, in summer AND winter.

The opportunity to contribute to a better world

The LCI Education Foundation enables students, teachers, and employees to get involved and become better global citizens.

raison 16

raison 17

The diversity of our community

“Students, teachers, and employees: we are a representative reflection of Montréal itself: a city of mixed cultures, blended flavors, and sharing!”

- Sent by Leila Hertzog, Program Coordinator at the College

The Techno-Espace 3D printer

Whether it is used to print fashion accessories, scale model furniture, video game figurines, or some other object, all students at the College have access to this state-of-the-art printer.

raison 18

raison 19

Parking facilities for bikes and cars

Would you like to protect your bike from the elements? Do you want a hassle-free place to park your car? In both cases, our underground parking garage is the solution.

Our famous popcorn machine

What could be better than great popcorn made on site and graciously offered by the Student Services to brighten your day? Keep an eye out for the machine: it’s constantly popping at the College!

raison 20

raison 21

All together for an enriching and equal education

“Here, we find politeness and expertise, in addition to developing ethical, intellectual and physical skills.”

- Sent by Mohammad Farugh, Insurance and Financial Advisory Services student

A nearby photography studio

All college students and staff members can book Inter-Dec College’s photography studio for a professional-quality photo shoot.

raison 22

raison 23

Our fashion trips

The International School of Fashion, Arts and Design offers students trips that explore the world's major design capitals: New York, Paris and London.

Portfolios platform

This platform is offered exclusively to our students and graduates and is where you can both showcase your talent and browse dozens of job offers.

raison 24

raison 25

The new Asian neighborhood in Montréal

Do you like the flavors of the East? You will be served! The College is located in Shaughnessy Village, a neighborhood with an impressive number of excellent Asian restaurants.

The Le Clan sports team

“Being a part of Le Clan is more than just playing a sport. It encourages commitment, respect and work ethic, and above all, is about working together to reach a common goal. Le Clan is like a second family and is a great place to make friends.”
Sent by Mher Nahabedian, Student Affairs Department Technician.

raison 26

raison 27

Exclusive discounts at Esports Central and the MMFA

Through various partnerships developed by LaSalle College, students can now take advantage of exclusive discounts! Show your student card at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts when visiting the Thierry Mugler: Couturissime exhibition or the new Esports Central video game complex, and enjoy a fun night out with friends at a great price.

Learn while traveling

Do you want to broaden your horizons and improve your résumé? Spend one semester abroad in Vancouver, Barcelona, Istanbul, Bogota, Barranquilla or Jakarta while continuing your studies at one of the LCI Education Member campuses.

raison 28

raison 29

The LaSalle des petits Daycare is there when you need it

Parent students, we’ve got your back! Your children are always within reach at the LaSalle des petits Daycare, where each program is designed to promote early childhood development. Have you tried out their yoga or tam-tam classes?

Buy all of your school supplies while supporting a great cause

Located at the entrance of LaSalle College, the CL.IP School Supplies Store is the perfect place to get your school supplies and LaSalle College merchandise. The added bonus is that CL.IP sales profits are donated to the LCI Education Foundation.

raison 30

raison 31

Prove yourself during your studies

The Work-Study Program provides students with work experience during their studies, thanks to two paid summer internships.

Develop your entrepreneurial skills

The Bootcamp enables students completely immerse themselves in the business creation process for a weekend.

raison 32

raison 33

An atmosphere of creativity

Throughout the College, magnificent creations by our students and graduates decorate the walls and give each floor its unique character.

The Give or Take Booth

The society in which we live often encourages us to over-consume. The Student Affair’s Give or Take Booth allows you to swap items, get rid of what you no longer need, or make a great find.

raison 34

raison 35

A proud ally

The College welcomes all students just as they are. On August 18, 2019, we participated in the Montréal Pride Parade, as an allied institution.

LaSalle College: my inspiration

“The College has really transformed me and guided me towards my new life, while incorporating and respecting the experience and knowledge I had previously acquired. My fantastic experience at CEO 2019 launched my career on Montréal’s business scene.”
- Sent by Olena Zubkova, Business Management alumni

raison 36

raison 37

High-end, restaurant-quality kitchens

Last winter, $100,000 was invested in facilities at the International School of Hotel Management & Tourism to provide our students with high-performance equipment on par with leading Montréal institutions.

Michael Peck’s mural “Atomic”

Michael Peck, an Australian artist and teacher on our Melbourne campus, created this superb mural to encourage students to take the stairs. It’s located in the second floor stairwell. See the artist at work

raison 38

raison 39

Well-known speakers

The College regularly hosts successful entrepreneurs from various fields to headline inspiring conferences. Louis-François Marcotte, Danièle Henkel, Alexandre Taillefer and Enock Robin have all joined us to share their secrets. Our next guest will be Thierry-Maxime Loriot during the Artcessible conference on September 5.

Learn a new language after classes

Want to learn a new language or improve your linguistic skills? LaSalle College students get a 15% discount on part-time language classes at Languages Across Borders (LAB), located in the basement of the College.

raison 40

raison 41

The great artistic awakening

“The two years I spent at LaSalle College were the big start to my creative life — my life as an artist.”

- Sent by Meruyert Tazhigariyeva, Arts, Literature and Communication - Arts and Design Option alumni.

Commencement of Nuevo Bosque construction

The construction of Nuevo Bosque public primary school in Colombia has officially started. This project by the Fundación Pies Descalzos (founded by Shakira) is possible thanks, among others, to support from the LCI Education Foundation in which LaSalle College students, teachers and employees are involved.

raison 42

raison 43

And the Diners’ Choice Award was awarded to... La Classe!

Excellent service and dishes of remarkable quality: OpenTable customers loved their experience at La Classe, our restaurant-school, selecting it as one of the best in the city and awarding it the Diners’ Choice Award this year.

Our buddies

From August 26 to September 27 2019, the new students were able to count on buddies — students wearing hockey jerseys in LaSalle College colors — to answer all their questions and help them settle in.

raison 44

raison 45

The LaSalle à Manger Cold Brew

Are you too hot for a coffee but not awake enough to pay attention in class? No problem, LaSalle à Manger has what you need with its Cold Brew, a delicious cold coffee whose flavor you can choose.

Become a creative manager

Are you interested in management, but not too keen on wearing a suit? With the new DEC in Creative Industries Management you can launch your management career in creative fields such as architecture, stage arts, video games, media or advertising, to mention but a few.

raison 46

raison 47

MTLàTABLE is joining our table

In 2019, for the second year in a row, the La Classe teaching restaurant took part in the MTLàTABLE event. It was an excellent opportunity to come and taste a special menu for the price of $23.

A program in your own colors

We don’t all share the same dreams. So why would we all take the same path? A program in your own colors enables students on the DEC programs in Fashion Marketing, Fashion Design and Creative Industries Management to tailor their studies to their interests and professional ambitions.

raison 48

raison 49

Develop your entrepreneurial spirit

Events such as CEO, ENTREPRISE and E-Bootcamp, conferences led by successful entrepreneurs, an Entrepreneurship Club, etc. At LaSalle College, every effort is made for our students to be able to succeed on today’s job market.

A little focus, please

Do you need a silent place to work on your projects? All over the College, you will find individual study booths with optimal lighting and power sockets to charge your personal devices.

raison 50

raison 51

The most important fashion school in the country

With the scale of its events, range of bilingual programs and impressive number of students, the International School of Fashion, Arts and Design at LaSalle College is the most important fashion school in Canada.

Take an energy break

Twice a week, students and staff are invited to take part in high-intensity cardio workouts at our gym. See you there every Monday and Thursday!

raison 52

raison 53

Our new break area on the 3rd floor

Freshly refurbished over the summer, this space is perfect for recharging your batteries before going back to class, while admiring a few works of art created by our students.

Right by all the services

The Student Corner is another relaxation, study and meeting space. Its frescoes, painted by the EN MASSE Collective, make it unique. Located on the 6th floor, it is right by the Student Association offices and the Student Affairs Service, Career Services and infirmary, counseling and educational orientation services.

raison 54

raison 55

A Montréal success story

Did you know that LaSalle College is at the core of an international network? Present today on 5 continents, the LCI Education network, whose headquarters are in Montréal, consists of 23 select higher education institutions, and some 3,000 employees offering instruction to over 17,000 students throughout the world each year.

Meeting point for Santa’s elves

Saturday, November 23 2019 was Santa Claus’s parade in downtown Montréal. The College was near the starting point, so the elves and mascots participating in the parade came to our place to get ready (and warm up) with our employees and their families before taking on Boulevard René-Lévesque. Even Santa Claus visited us!

raison 56

raison 57

Classrooms of the future are here now

With interactive white boards, ergonomic furniture and artwork, these classrooms look nothing like the traditional ones we’re used to seeing. The College has 20 or so classrooms that have been outfitted with the latest equipment and tech to keep pace with today’s learning realities.

A distinctive student experience

Our students’ experience in our college is so important to us that we decided to assign a specific person to the task. Jean-Luc Dupuis, the new student experience director, has been fulfilling his duties for the past few months with support from new student coordinators. Feel free to go meet with them!

raison 58

raison 59

Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle (SMCL)

For six years, students in the second year of Fashion Marketing have really made a name for themselves by organizing the Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle. The Fashion Presentation class offered during the third cycle is their opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge they’ve gained into practice to set up an event. SMCL is the perfect occasion to prove that they’ve been paying attention in class.

Our beloved students and graduates

“I feel like I’m part of the history. LaSalle College is MY college. I definitely feel a sense of belonging.” Thérèse Martin, Accounting and Management Technology student, perfectly expressed how we feel about our students. They are each part of our rich history, our present and our future!

raison 60