Managing Senior - Citizen Homes
AEC - Hotel Management & Tourism | LJA.1E | Managing Senior - Citizen Homes

The Managing Senior Citizens Homes program (AEC), in partnership with businesses in the field and through international networking and adapted internships, trains students to be highly-qualified in theoretical and practical management.

It is designed as much for those already working in senior citizens homes and wishing to advance to supervisory positions, as for those acquainting themselves or reacquainting themselves with the field.

Students will learn knowledge and skills such as: managing operations, managing personnel, marketing and selling services and maintaining clientele satisfaction in a senior citizens home.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to make the most of their skills and work in a number of possible positions:

  • Senior citizens home director
  • Owner-operator
  • Department head: food, building and maintenance, health care, recreation, etc.
  • Lodging consultant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Work Functions of a Private Senior-Citizen Home Manager
  • Hygiene and Safety Supervision
  • Intervention Adapted to Seniors
  • Sales and Marketing in a Senior-Citizen Home Environment
  • Hygienic Care and Support for Senior Citizens
  • Management Context and Client Approach
  • Human Resources Management and Supervision
  • Client-Adapted Menus
  • Operating Budgets in a Home
  • Technical Maintenance and Building
  • Client Activity Techniques