About us


A school opens in the late 1950'S

LaSalle International’s first educational establishment opens its doors in 1959. It all starts with the LaSalle College located in the LaSalle borough of Montreal.  Mr. Jean-Paul Morin is the founder of the College. This Canadian entrepreneur's mission is to create job opportunities for the Quebec population by providing education that is in line with job market demands. In response to the growing demand in administrative labour at the time, the College offers its first program in secretarial training.

Making a name in private post-secondary education

The College soon directs its energy to develop fashion training. In 1976, LaSalle College is entitled to government subsidies. In 1981, the ministère de l’Éducation du Québec officially recognizes the College as an educational establishment. The 90s up until now represent steady expansion of the educational network to countries around the world along with the establishment of satellite services that cater specifically to the needs of its growing student body.

Exporting Canadian education

In 1989, the very first international affiliate was founded in Casablanca, Morocco. Today, over 10 000 students belong to the LCI Education network with 22 campuses in 12 different countries and over 60 programs for students to choose from.

Linking students to job market realities

Just as 50 years ago, LaSalle College continues to connect its students to the realities of the workplace. From secretarial courses back in 1959 to the opening of the Fucshia restaurant in 1996 for students in Professional Cooking and Food Service Management, the College raises the bar in private vocational training. A most recent addition, the daycare LaSalle des Petits, collaborates with the Early Childhood Education and Special Care Counselling programs to offer aspiring early childhood educators a closer look at the profession.