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The fashion show showcasing up-and-coming Canadian and international designers right in the heart of Montreal

  • The most important fashion show in Canada for the past 25 years with more than 4,000 spectators yearly;
  • 2 presentations, Sunday May 7th (4 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.), at the Parc Olympique of Montréal;
  • Showcasing more than 100 LaSalle College Fashion Design graduates from several countries;
  • Over 15 themes revealing more than 300 outfits, and 70 women and men models.

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The future of the industry

  • Montréal’s 375th, Expo67’s 50th and Canada’s 150th were all a source of reflection for future designers, some of them saw the deterioration of our planet with its biodiversity and others saw luminous solutions.
  • The development of the pieces to be showcased is based on the principles of sustainable design. What can we immediately do to foresee the problems of the industry that will emerge in 25 years? How can we protect the economy of the future by taking action today?

Teleportation of a universal reflection on fashion and our societies
Sunday, May 7, 2017

2 presentations at Parc Olympique of Montréal.

Spaces are limited.