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AEC in 3D Creation for Video Games

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AEC | NTL.1G | AEC in 3D Creation for Video Games

Learn 3D modeling for video games with our specialized courses

Launch your career in video game creation and 3D modeling with our recognized AEC training! These courses were developed with world leaders in video game editing and creation and can lead to a career as a 3D modeler, 3D designer, 3D artist or professional animator.

Among other things, learn to create, edit and produce different types of video game animations such as characters, environments and moving and 3D images, and even how to model different game elements.

Students can hone their 3D modeling skills at the VFX & Game Design School with cutting-edge video game creation software such as 3ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

During a semester designed to replicate industry conditions, students work in teams to create their own video game. At the end of the semester, they will present their demo reel to a panel of professionals in the video game field. 

Keen to remain at the forefront of the industry, LaSalle College was the first in Montréal to include virtual reality in its AEC video game courses.

Many of LaSalle College’s graduates now work for the biggest names in the video game industry in Montréal, such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Eidos and WB Games. Why don’t you level up too?

These AEC 3D modeling and video game creation courses are offered on the Montréal and Laval campuses*.

*Availability may vary depending on the semester.

Why Study at Our Laval Campus?

Here are five reasons why you should choose to do this training at the Laval campus of LaSalle College!
Video Games

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Montréal Joue

College Partners with Major Gaming Event Montréal Joue

Gamers at the Montréal Joue Festival had the chance to play two games developed by our graduates.


  • At the Montréal and Laval campuses

The 3D Creation for Video Games AEC will allow you to design very impressive textures and character appearances for video games. By specializing in 3D creation, you’ll have the chance to animate the main elements of a game.

This program leads to an Attestation of College Studies (AEC).

  • General video game artist
  • Character designer
  • Environment designer
  • Special effects designer
  • Animator
  • Training in 3ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter/Designer, Unreal Engine 4 and Unity
  • Produce an entire video game in team, replicating the industry’s work structure, during the last semester
  • Create a portfolio to facilitate entry into the job market
  • Present in front of a jury made up of teachers and industry representatives at the end of the last semester
  • Teachers from video game design studios
  • Introduction to Video Games (45 h)
  • Modeling (60 h)
  • Texture (60 h)
  • Animation (45 h)
  • Game Design (60 h)
  • Drawing (60 h)
  • Visual Programming (45 h)
  • Professionnal Practice and Ethics (60 h)
  • Demo Reel (90 h)
  • Virtual Reality (120 h)
  • Advanced Visual Programming (60 h)
  • Production Simulation (360 h)
  • Digital Drawing (60 h)
  • Environment Design (60 h)
  • Character Design (90 h)
  • Creation of Animable Systems (60 h)
  • Advanced Animation (60 h)

* The College reserves the right to substitute certain courses.

  • Understand and apply a production budget, a methodology, a timeline and control mechanisms
  • Analyze and create design elements, given a script and a defined period of time
  • Design, model and texture 3D elements such as characters, objects or environments
  • Master the principles of character animation in video games
  • Produce special effects in game engines

Please note that some courses are offered online synchronously using the Adobe Connect platform.

The Creative Geek

  • You have a well-developed artistic flair and lots of creativity
  • You have a strong interest in new gaming technologies
  • You want to create video game characters and environments
  • You notice every visual details of a video game
  • You like working in a team

Choose your profile to move to the next level.

3ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter/Designer, Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

The school includes a student-run computer club, which provides support to new computer science students and organizes sports and cultural activities.