Student Resources

Pay my tuition from within Canada

Online Payment

Omnivox Payment Centre
  • Your tuition fees can be paid using Visa or MasterCard.


Online Banking
  • You can log into your online banking as LaSalle College | Montréal is registered as a bill payee with most Canadian banks.


Wire Transfer
  • Please refer to your contract for all the required information to pay via wire transfer.
    In order to record the payment upon receipt and to avoid fund returns, LESS processing charges and exchange rate losses, the sender’s bank must mention "the student’s first name, last name + identification number (student ID) + campus destination as well as the semester the payment is for" as beneficiary’s reference in field 70.
    (e.g., "SMITH, JOHN, 123456, TUITION FEES FOR LASALLE COLLEGE MONTREAL – FALL 2019", if tuition is being paid for Fall 2019).

In Person

You can pay your tuition fees at the Lasalle College | Montréal cashier’s office using debit, credit, cash or cheque/certified cheque/money order/bank draft.


Your cheques/certified cheque/money order/bank draft should be made payable to LaSalle College | Montréal in Canadian dollars. Your first and last name, identification number (Student ID) and the semester your payment is for should be clearly indicated on your payment mode to avoid issues applying your payment.

Preauthorized Payment

You can download the preauthorized payment form by clicking here.