Sports initiatives | LaSalle College

To encourage its students to get active and play sports they enjoy, the College offers different programs that can help students pay for their favorite sports activities. Whether it's a gym membership or registration for a civilian sports team, everyone is encouraged to get moving! 

Reimbursement for playing sports

Yoga class

We know how important it is for our students to stay active during their studies. After all, physical activity is recognized for its mental health benefits, as well as for improving memory and concentration. At LaSalle College, we recognize that every student should have the resources to get moving in his or her own way.

Which is why the LaSalle College Student Association (AGEL) offers a reimbursement program for expenses associated with participating in sports and buying sports equipment.

The reimbursement offered is 50% of the expense, up to a maximum of $50, available each year the student attends the College.

Scenario 1

A student wants to purchase a one-year membership to his local gym for $200 for the year. He can be reimbursed $50 for each academic year that he remains a member.

Scenario 2

A student wants to purchase new boxing gloves, which cost $80. He can be reimbursed for 50% of his purchase, or $40. The following year, he can apply for another reimbursement the next time he chooses to buy athletic equipment.

For more information on this program, speak with your student association, located on the 6th floor.


Sports team subsidy

Soccer team

LaSalle College’s Student Affairs Service (SAE) offers a subsidy program for any sports team wishing to join a league or enter a tournament.

To benefit from this program, at least half of the members of the team must be LaSalle College students. The SAE may reimburse 50% of the cost of league or tournament registration fees for each LaSalle College student on the team.

The SAE can also assist students in forming their team and registering their team for a tournament or league.


There are 5 LaSalle College students on a 10-person team. The team would like to register for a badminton tournament, which will cost $1000. The College can reimburse 50% of the registration fees for each of its students, for a total of $250.

For more information on this program, speak with your Student Affairs Service, located on the 6th floor.