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New York

New York

How do I sign up for the New York trip?

As there is high demand for these limited spots, they are sold on a “first come, first serve” basis. When the tickets become available, you can purchase them from the LaSalle College cashier on the 2nd floor. You must pay the total cost of your trip or a minimum deposit of $300 (non-refundable, non-transferable).

Can I cancel after registering with a deposit or full payment?

You can cancel your participation, but all deposits and payments are final. There are no refunds or transfers possible for the fashion trips.

How many students per room?

There are four students per room. Whether you’re a group of four friends, or travelling solo, we take into account the requests made in the registration form, the native languages and the study programs to make the rooming lists.

What are the eligibility criteria for the fashion trips?

You must have attained the Canadian legal age of 18 at the time of travel and be a student at LaSalle College’s International School of Fashion, Arts and Design.
Note that the legal age in the United States is 21, and all participants must comply with the laws in force in the country visited.

I have friends who live in New York. Can I participate in the activities, without signing up for the whole trip?

Unfortunately, since the spots for the activities are limited, they are reserved for trip participants only.

Do I need travel insurance?

All participants must have travel insurance. Check if you’re covered by your parents’ insurance policies or by your credit card insurance. If you aren’t, you can get low-cost travel insurance ($40) for your trip with companies like Blue Cross.

Can I stay longer in New York?

For logistical reasons, we need to return to Canada with exactly the same number of passengers as when we left the country. It is therefore impossible to extend your stay.

Do I need to get a cellular plan for the trip?

We recommend that you get a cellular data plan for the trip. Cell phone providers offer them at affordable rates and it allows the group to stay in touch during the trip, communicate meet-up times and participate in our photo contest.

Does the hotel have Wi-Fi?

The hotel has free Wi-Fi.

What are the costs not included in the trip?

Meals are not included. However, we will give you information about affordable places to eat. You will also have to pay for your transportation (except for the itinerary activities), your shopping and any other activities you would like to do during your stay. In addition, you need medical travel insurance.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

All questions can be sent by email. There is also a lot of information on our social media accounts: @voyagesmodecollegelasalle.