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An immersive experience in collaboration with XP_MTL

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September 8, 2020

As a prominent figure in Montreal for 61 years now, LaSalle College has always been able to find ways to get involved in various initiatives in order to promote the great creativity found in the city.

With the new reality and most of the events having had to be postponed, we still wanted to bring a bit of excitment to Montreal's urban landscape. That's why we decided to partner with XP_MTL and their creative HUB project, allowing you to enrich your downtown experience, while seeking to revitalize the area affected by the repercussions of COVID-19 and the numerous works on Sainte-Catherine.

The Creative HUB installed in front of our main entrance allows you to follow the path of an idea through three main axes: "concept", "creation" and "ideation", all in the form of an immersive experience including a cube with the egg or the chicken, a cut-out mirror and a walkway with colourful display cases. The HUB, which will be on site until the end of October, allows you to discover (or rediscover) the College in the form of an idea incubator, ready to let your full potential shine through.

As for the route of the various facilities through the downtown area, XP_MTL has made sure to offer animations and has set up routes including the HUB in front of the Collège.  XP_MTL's mascot Réal will even drop by to meet the lucky ones who will be on site a few times.

Drop by to discover this installation and don't hesitate to share your pictures with us by mentioning us on social media at @collegelasalle.

Cover Photo: Philippe Nguyen

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