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December 14, 2020

Orchestrated by the Arts, Literature and Communication students, this year’s hybrid event launched on November 3rd. Students were invited to share their wishes, hopes and creative projects on the What's Your Magic? website.

Many of them answered the call, seizing the opportunity to express their vision. The shared projects were integrated into the art installations and video projections created on the LaSalle College campus. On-site installations included a wish tree.

"This work combines three ideas. It shows a soft and dreamy scene where you can write your most precious wishes. We wanted to use natural elements: the brightness of the stars and the softness of the clouds to bring a sense of comfort, especially in these chaotic times," explains Jia Xing Yi, one of the students participating in the project.

Another installation, entitled "Connections", represents not only our need to feel connected, even at a distance, but also the light that shines through our resilience and sense of belonging to a collective that pushes us forward.  The colored threads represent the connections that link experiences, dreams and hopes. A symbol of the closeness between heart and soul.

"The colored lines in the form of spots projected in these installations seek to sharpen our bonds. Which of these strokes represents our magic and desires" describes Danielle Araujo, another student involved in the project.

While waiting to be able to admire the installations on site, here are a few photos to keep you waiting.

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As we enter a new year, this mission is expanding with the realization of a brand-new mural in the stairwell. To do so, LaSalle College has once again called upon LNDMRK, the Montreal company behind the MURAL urban art festival, which normally brings together several hundred thousand people each year on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.