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LaSalle College Welcomes New Students in Style

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September 13, 2018

It’s important to start a new school year off on the right foot. So the College invited new students to a welcome day where they could meet their peers and get to know the school.

Each school planned a half day of activities for their new cohort.

Former students from the International School of Fashion, Arts and Design came together with the director and teachers to present the programs and activities. Then, students explored the College’s surroundings during an exciting photo rally with prizes awarded at the end.

The School of Social Sciences and Education set the tone with a presentation from the program coordinator. The students then explored the College through a treasure hunt before breaking up into groups by program for the last activity and a pledge.

Students in the International School of Hotel Management & Tourism had to put their motor skills to the test during a café waiter race in Fuchsia, the teaching restaurant. They had to keep bottles of water upright on their tray. They also participated in a quiz game.

The International School of Business and Technologies put together several activities for their new students: a short film screening about Montréal, an activity organized by the Entrepreneurship Club and a quiz game where they had to explore strategic places at the College and in surrounding areas.

Welcome to all our new students. We wish you the best for a great year!

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