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Techno-Espace: Center for Innovation in Technical Clothing

Techno-Espace, laboratoire en recherche vestimentaire
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July 3, 2018

Did you know that LaSalle College has a laboratory with expertise in clothing research for the technical clothing industry?

Techno-Espace, located on the 6th floor, is a center of innovation and creativity in Montreal.

Developing Canadian Expertise

Techno-Espace collaborates with various sectors in the industry, such as outdoor clothing, uniforms, protective clothing and high-performance clothing.

Interesting fact: Since 2015, the Canadian Army’s 40,000 soldiers have worn technical base layers developed by Techno-Espace!

The Techno-Espace offers product research, development and design services for the industry, which draws on the knowledge of the center’s specialists in design, clothing architecture, material specification and assembly methodology.

Promoting Innovation at the College 

Techno-Espace also oversees the Technical Clothing Designer AEC program. Students are trained in creating, validating and producing:

  • high performance sports, adventure and outdoor clothing
  • workwear and protective clothing

Each year, students work with a company such as Chlorophylle or Arc’teryx. They not only gain field experience, but also have the opportunity to network within the industry.

Graduates of the program quickly find places in companies such as Kanuk, Body Glove, Chlorophylle, Arc’teryx and O’Neill. Outdoor activities are a growing niche, and so the technical clothing industry is currently experiencing a major boom.

Techno-Espace actively works to advance sustainable development practices in the clothing industry. This is an important aspect taught in the courses.

“For students, this is where it all happens. They have to be made aware now,” said Nicole Boyer, technical coordinator of Techno-Espace.


From large companies to small and medium-sized companies, from CEOs to new graduates, from teachers and lecturers to students, everyone is welcome at Techno-Espace! Come and enjoy the center of innovation and creativity that’s open to everyone.

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