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October 2, 2017

Open to pedagogical innovation and always ready to face new professional challenges, three teachers at LaSalle College experimented with a cutting-edge technology. Nathalie Goron, Daniela Caputo and Manon Wascher offered their students online courses via the Adobe Connect virtual platform.

They were inspired by the project of tourism teacher Ariane Arpin-Delorme, who experimented with giving online courses from Japan and Africa this past year.

Innovative tools

The teachers who agreed to participate in this innovative project immediately saw the pedagogical potential of such an undertaking.

The tools available on Adobe Connect are accessible to both teachers and students: downloading files and PowerPoint presentations, note-taking on the notepad on the screen, use of writing tools and microphone for communication, etc.

An enriching experience

The biggest challenge for these three teachers? Finding a way to involve students in these sessions, at least as much as for a regular classroom session.

Nathalie Goron, a hotel management teacher, points out that her "students found it very interesting, original and wanted to do it again. Some students were more participative than in the classroom, and others who often talk in the classroom less comfortable, because they had to write, so it required more time for reflection."

Daniela Caputo, fashion marketing teacher, adds: "Truth be told, I was concerned about giving a 4-hour course online thinking it would be too long for them, however, it was well and very productive. I gave the same material as I would have in the physical class. Overall, the students were happy with the results, as was I."

Manon Wascher, a communications teacher, agrees: "Some worried that 3 hours online may be boring! The classes went well, the time flew by. The same material I would have covered in class, was covered in these online sessions with some adjustments. The students were happy with the results, as was I. I am looking forward to giving more classes online in future semesters."

To be replicated?

We can conclude that this experience was a great success so that some students have already asked their teacher to know when they will also have the chance to try the experience of online teaching.

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