Teachers Receive Degrees From Université de Sherbrooke

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November 22, 2018

One of the values driving LaSalle College’s academic project is a concern for quality in everything we do. This year, seven teachers served as brilliant examples of this value by earning graduate degrees in college teaching. 

Several teachers were inspired by this value to develop their skills in pedagogy and instruction by completing university-level studies. Several of them are currently studying in the Performa graduate program, a sector of the Université de Sherbrooke that focuses on teachers’ professional realities.

They are assisted by Jolyanne Le Duc, Pedagogical Support Coordinator and local Performa representative at LaSalle College.

LaSalle College would like to highlight the commitment and effort of several of these teachers who received their degree this year. Completing university-level studies while tackling a teaching load is no easy feat.

  • Annie Bélanger (Special Care Counselling) — Graduate Diploma in College Teaching 
  • Heather Sorella (Fashion Marketing) — Masters in College Teaching
  • Léonard Duguay (Fashion Design) — Masters in College Teaching
  • Marianne Chouinard (General Education) — Graduate Diploma in College Teaching
  • Nariman Mansour (IT) — Masters in College Teaching
  • Pascale Warmoes (Special Care Counselling) — Graduate Certificate in College Teaching
  • Peter Vachon (Fashion Marketing) — Masters in College Teaching

At Collège LaSalle, these seven teachers have become references for their colleagues. We’d like to offer them our congratulations!

We also extend encouragement to everyone who is currently taking courses along with their teaching load. Well done!

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