Tablée des chefs 2016 : the winning recipe to feed 10,000 people in need

March 10, 2016

In March 2016, the 1,000,001th food portion will be cooked as part of the 13th edition of la Semaine des écoles hôtelières, an initiative launched by the organization La Tablée des chefs.

Again this year, LaSalle College’s Professional Cooking students will put their efforts in cooking 10,000 meatloaf portions to feed those in need, through the Food Banks of Quebec network. This experience allows students to get socially involved in the academic curriculum they are so passionate about, and that, at a period where foodstuffs are lacking in food- aid centers. 

As part of this initiative, they will be more than 700 students in Professional Cooking throughout Quebec and more than 20 master- teachers fighting against food insecurity!

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