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A Resounding Success for the First Perspectives Symposium

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June 1, 2018

The very first Perspectives symposium, organized by final year students in the Arts, Literature and Communication - Culture and Media Option DEC program, was attended by 60 people at the Jean-Paul Morin Hall this past May 2.

The “Living in a time of disruption”-themed exhibit took place in a festive and friendly atmosphere. Visitors were able to admire amazing media artwork, photographs and shorts.

Congratulations to the upcoming graduates as well as winners of the excellence awards graciously offered by the AGEL (LaSalle College’s Student Association): Jessica Monstans (department award), Sarah Alnemer (general education award) as well as Natalia Duguay (people’s choice award).

The Arts, Literature and Communication program is for those seeking to experience media production while enriching their general knowledge in order to better understand and appreciate various media.


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