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Discover the vibrant and hectic social life that the College's neighborhood has to offer!

Student life around LaSalle College
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June 21, 2022

Named year after year one of the Top 10 “Best Student Cities” in the World by QS Top Universities, Montréal charms every single student with its multiculturalism, inclusiveness, bilingualism, and unparalleled student experience.

Being in the heart of Montréal, a cosmopolitan city famous for its amazing restaurants, festivals, health services and public transport, LaSalle College not only offers an incredible student experience, but also a colorful social life as well.

If you have free time between classes, why not relax or have a picnic in the various parks surrounding the College?

  • Canadian Centre for Architecture (230 m, 3-minute walk)
  • Ernest Cormier Esplanade (400 m, 5-minute walk)
  • Hector Toe Black Place (500 m, 6-minute walk)
  • Oscar Peterson Park (1 km, 12-minute walk)
  • Jessie-Maxwell-Smith Park (1.2 km, 14-minute walk)

Canadian Centre for Architecture

Canadian Centre for Architecture, photo: Tourisme Montréal

Want to spend your extra free time buying essential items for school or for yourself? Check out stores, malls or grocery stores that surround the College:

  • CL.IP (store within the walls of LaSalle College)
  • Supermarché PA du Fort (200 m, 3-minute walk)
  • Jean Coutu (350 m, 4-minute walk)
  • Faubourg Ste-Catherine (400 m, 5-minute walk)
  • Alexis Nihon (400 m, 6-minute walk)
  • Dollarama (500 m, 6-minute walk)
  • Bulk Barn (500 m, 7-minute walk)
  • Dr. Martens Ste-Catherine (850 m, 11-minute walk)

Alexis Nihon

Alexis Nihon, photo: LemayMichaud

In need of your daily dose of caffeine? With these options, you won’t even be late to your first class of the day, we promise!

  • La Prep (within our own walls, on the 1st floor)
  • Café Shiraz (70 m, 1-minute walk)
  • Cacao 70 (110 m, 1-minute walk)
  • Shaughnessy Café (350 m, 4-minute walk)
  • Brûlerie FARO – Roasting House (750 m, 9-minute walk)

Shaughnessy Cafe

Shaughnessy Cafe, photo: Shaughnessy Cafe

Hungry for a little snack or a whole meal? There are so many options within the surroundings of the College!

  • La Classe Restaurant (within our own walls, in the basement)
  • Sammi & Soupe Dumpling (140 m, 2-minute walk)
  • Juliette & Chocolat (450 m, 6-min walk)
  • La Belle et la Bœuf (500 m, 6-min walk)
  • Allô! mon Coco (550 m, 7-min walk)

La Classe Restaurant

La Classe Restaurant, photo: LaSalle College

Want to kill time with some entertainment? Try those activities:

  • Cineplex Forum (240 m, 3-minute walk)
  • Putting Edge Centre-Ville (550 m, 7-minute walk)
  • The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (1 km, 14-minute walk)

Putting Edge Centre-Ville

Putting Edge Centre-Ville, photo: Putting Edge

Need to move around Montréal? No worries! There are 3 main Metro stations near the College:

  • Atwater (400 m, 5-minute walk)
  • Guy-Concordia (600 m, 8-minute walk)
  • Georges-Vanier (750 m, 9-minute walk)

What better way to live the full Montréal experience than at LaSalle College, directly in the heart of this lively city? Bustling with energetic shops and services, you will never get bored within your experience here! If ever you have time, we highly recommend you to enjoy the parks, shops, restaurants, and services mentioned above, and so much more!

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