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Signature 2015 Fashion Show

May 4, 2015

Signature 2015 was held yesterday at Montreal’s Olympic Park before an audience of 4 000 people. This major event is a celebration of the tremendous work accomplished by the graduating students of LaSalle College Montreal’s Fashion Design program. The 2015 edition sparked imaginations thanks to the contribution of DUY, Martin Lim, Pedram Karimi, UNTTLD and Valérie Dumaine, five Quebec designers who shared their expertise with the students for the presentation of this very popular fashion event. Nearly 100 graduating students, hailing from some 20 different countries, were proud to reveal their themes, five of which were influenced by their mentors.

Five Quebec designers at LaSalle College: an extraordinary experience The students worked for nearly 18 months with DUY, Martin Lim, Pedram Karimi, UNTTLD and Valérie Dumaine to create a collection inspired by their assigned mentor’s world. This enriching academic experience has helped the students understand how these designers work, and learn first-hand about the realities of the market they will soon enter.

“I was astonished by how easily the students adapted to the project,” mentioned Pao Lim of the duo Martin Lim, concerning his collaboration with Signature 2015. “I was pleasantly surprised by the students’ research and sketches. I found them to be sharp and very talented, inspired and inspiring,” stated Valérie Dumaine, commenting on her experience with the graduating students of LaSalle College’s Fashion Design program.

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