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A Rewarding Savoir-Être Day for Graduates

Savoir-Être Day
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May 9, 2019

To provide students from the International School of Hotel Management & Tourism with an enriching experience and give them a leg up in the job market, graduates of the DEC programs took part in the very first edition of the Savoir-Être Day.

Thanks to impeccably orchestrated organization by the two teachers, Carmen Ciotola and Geneviève Guay, the day of February 26 was divided into several steps.

Around one hundred graduates attended a presentation from Julie Blais Comeau, a specialist in etiquette. She shared some tips on how to manage their reputation, in person and online, and how to take control of the first impression they make.

Then, industry professionals and teachers led several workshops: the dress code to follow, good table manners, and finally, the art of persuading people using an Elevator Pitch.

Savoir-Être Day


The day continued with a panel led by François Chevrier, Strategic Advisor and Public Affairs with the Alliance Touristique du Québec. Thank you to the following industry members for the valuable advice you shared with students:

  • Marjolaine Beauchamp (AML Cruises)
  • Jean Christophe Desfossés (Mile-Ex Restaurant)
  • Stewart Rubin (Embassy Suites by Hilton)
  • Sarah Justine Leduc Villeneuve (Tourisme Montréal)
Savoir-Être Day


At the end of this enriching day, students were able to apply what they had learned at a networking cocktail hour at La Classe Restaurant. No fewer than 70 industry members came to meet students, offer jobs and internships, and form new business relationships.

Savoir-Être Day


“The Savoir-Être Day was really good for me as a graduating student. It is an activity that should be done every year for future professionals. I really enjoyed the morning conference and tips for the future, the different workshops, and meeting the different company representatives during the cocktail. It was a very helpful and unforgettable experience.”

- Daniela Isabel Cruz Robles (Student in Tourism Techniques, Specialization in Development and Promotion of Travel Products)

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