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Presenting our Collaborative Classrooms in New Orleans

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March 6, 2018

From January 29 to 31, Jolyanne Le Duc and Mathieu Lépine represented LaSalle College at the annual EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) seminar, which focuses on using technical innovation to improve learning methods.

This year the event took place in New Orleans and was based on the theme of student success using new learning methods.

Invited by Steelcase Education, LaSalle College presented its new collaborative classrooms which have had a positive impact on student participation and success.

The classrooms feature cutting-edge furniture and provide a more relaxed, informal environment. The configurations enable better student/teacher interaction and encourage a greater level of creativity.

Students are invited to give their oral presentations in the center of the room, rather than in front of the class, to help avoid the feeling that they are in a confrontation with the rest of the group. The shiest members feel more at ease when addressing their peers.

The audience was able to take a seat in the classroom to better understand all the resources made available to students.

“This experience enabled us to have interesting discussions about educational innovation with other teaching representatives, including certain reputed American universities,” explains Mathieu Lépine, Pedagogical Support Coordinator.

“With our presentation we were able to position ourselves as a first-class higher-education institution in North America.”

LaSalle College set up the first collaborative classroom in autumn 2016. After that successful experience, four new Steelcase rooms were completed in autumn 2017.

The short-term objective is to double the number of collaborative classrooms so that eventually we only have these kinds of facilities.

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