POP-UP BOX, double winner at the 2015 Entreprise evening

April 24, 2015

Last night, ENTREPRISE 2015 was held at the Salle Pierre-Mercure, a major annual event presented by the Fashion Marketing graduates. This event, an initiative from LaSalle College’s International School of Fashion, Arts and Design, offers an opportunity for the graduates to apply their entrepreneurial vision by presenting innovative business ideas to an influential jury composed of renowned members of the fashion and business industry. Therefore, the jury selected the Best Business Concept that met the evaluation criteria such as innovation and market potential, just to name a few.

A first for ENTREPRISE and a double-win for POP-UP BOX: the team was crowned winner of the evening and was also awarded the "Public’s Choice Award”. POP-UP BOX earned a $ 2,000 scholarship offered by Groupe Dynamite and a La Château gift card offered to each member, as the team collected more than 50% of public live votes.

Over the years, the ENTREPRISE concept has grown to major proportions. For the 2015 edition, six business concepts will be presented to a large audience of leading members of the fashion industry. We are pleased to present this year’s jury:

  • Ms. Christina Vongas, Vice-President, Merchandising, Groupe Dynamite;
  • M. Franco Rocchi, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Le Château;
  • M. Hicham Ratnani, CEO, Frank & Oak;
  • Mme Lucie Surprenant, Divisional Vice-President of Merchandising, TJX Canada;
  • Mme Eva Friede, Journalist, Montréal Gazette

LaSalle College Fashion Marketing graduates thank their major sponsors: Groupe Dynamite, TJX Canada, Bestseller Canada, Le Château, Frank and Oak and Parasuco.

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