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These Student Services Are Now Available Online

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April 1, 2020

Just as your courses are now offered remotely during this current situation, Student Services is proud to do the same by offering its first online services!

Virtual tools for psychosocial assistance and support, as well as virtual workshops provided by the Career Services, are available to help students get through these extraordinary times.

Currently, here are the distance services available to College students:

Online Psychosocial Support Sessions

Even from a distance, our Social Worker Counselor, Pierre Bélanger, and our Adapted Services Counselor, Vickie Dessureault, are available to answer students' questions.

It’s only normal that the current circumstances would raise questions about how to manage in this situation. Come meet them online, talk about your feelings and exchange ideas with them. They are available for you!

Topics covered during the "Wellness" workshops:

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, students will be able to attend open sessions to ask questions to our speakers, who will provide practical advice on how to get through this difficult situation.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the workshops will focus on stress management and our counselors will address various themes such as:

  • Acknowledge that we are stressed
  • Allow yourself to react
  • Give yourself time to adjust
  • Seeking support
  • Choose a positive attitude
  • Bounce back
  • Different techniques and exercises to manage stress

Career Services Virtual Workshops

Several companies are currently recruiting, despite the crisis we are going through, so our Career, Internship and Alumni Services Agent, Gabriel Cifuentes, will give virtual workshops on the topic of “How to find a job in the current situation?” to support students who lost their jobs and are looking for a new one at the moment.

During these workshops, our agent will address topics such as: “How to prepare for an online interview?”, “Which companies are currently hiring and what sectors?” and “Where do I search for a new job?”.

Online resources on the Documentation Centre’s website

To support you in the pursuit of your online courses, the Documentation Centre provides online resources to help you complete your studies. These include e-books, specialist journals, educational videos, data and statistics, and much more.

To log in, go to the Documentation Centre's website by following this link:

Then, identify yourself by entering this information:

  1. Subscriber N°: Full 9 digits student number
  2. Password : 0 (zero) + 5 last digits of the student number + two first letters of family name (UPPER+lower)
  3. Then go to the Online Resources menu to discover all the digital collections.

If you need technical support to identify yourself to access books, periodicals or educational videos online, please write to Documentation Centre at the following address:

Schedule of the Workshops

Date Workshop Schedule
Monday (July 27) Open discussion session with our Social Intervention Counsellor 2 pm
Tuesday (July 28) Career Services Workshop - How to find a job in the current situation  11 am
Tuesday (July 28) Psychosocial Workshop on Stress Management 2 pm
Wednesday (July 29)
Open discussion session with our Social Intervention Counsellor
2 pm
Thursday (July 30) Career Services Workshop - Open session to ask your questions 11 am
Thursday (July 30)
Psychosocial Workshop - How to Stay Motivated
2 pm
Thursday (July 30)
Open discussion session with our Social Intervention Counsellor
6 pm
Friday (July 31) Open discussion session with our Social Intervention Counsellor 2 pm

*The virtual session schedule will be updated weekly. Visit this web page to find out what topics will be covered in the various workshops.

How to Attend Online Workshops

If the students want to attend one of the sessions, they can refer to the Mio we sent them on April 1 (through Student Services). There they will find instructions on how to connect to the virtual classroom on the Adobe Connect platform.

Informational Videos - Stress Management

1. Acknowledging a Stressful Moment

 2. How To Acknowledge That I'm Stressed

 3. Allow Yourself To React


4. Give Yourself Time to Adjust


5. Draft a New Daily Routine

Informational Videos - Career Services

1. Career Services Always There For You

2. How To Prepare Your CV And Cover Letter

3. How to Prepare for an Online Interview

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