A Mural by Michael Peck Encourages Taking the Stairs | LaSalle College Montréal
Australian artist

A Mural by Michael Peck Encourages Taking the Stairs

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June 7, 2019

A captivating mural by renowned Australian artist Michael Peck decorates a unique location at LaSalle College. The students will be able to admire the piece in the stairwell on the second floor.

The piece was created with the goal of encouraging students to take the stairs. This initiative helps maintain LaSalle College’s Collège Vert du Québec certification at the Excellence level.

The mural, called “Atomic,” explores the parallel between atoms and knowledge. In the learning process, new information is added to our existing knowledge to create new ideas, like atoms coming together to create molecules. Atoms can also cause nuclear reactions, just like ideas can lead to a series of reactions and change our perspective on the world. 

“Within the context of LaSalle College, this mural represents the two main functions of education. It not only transmits information, but also gives students an opportunity to contest it, digest it, and shape it to generate powerful change.”

— Michael Peck

Michael Peck has created commissioned pieces in London, Berlin, New York, and, of course, Australia. He has exhibited his work in a variety of public, commercial, and artistic spaces. 

He has also completed residencies at Paradise Hills Studios and Blender Studios in Melbourne, as well as at Birrarung House in the Australian countryside.

His artistic approach currently combines painting, drawing, and installation, exploring memory and identity creation.

Michael Peck teaches visual arts at LCI Melbourne, a post-secondary institution that, like LaSalle College, is part of the LCI Education network.

This mural joins those in the group En masse, which adorn the walls of The Plaza, as well as two pieces created by Eric Santerre that decorate a collaborative classroom.

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