Selfie wall for the College

The LCI Education Foundation on Display at LaSalle College

Mur du Collège LaSalle à l'effigie de la Fondation LCI Éducation
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September 1, 2017

Have you noticed something new in the corridors of LaSalle College this term?

Many elevator doors in the building and part of the sixth story have been decorated with the LCI Education Foundation’s colors and slogans.

Ascenseurs aux couleurs de la Fondation LCI Éducation

LaSalle College is part of the LCI Education Foundation’s network and these decorated walls immerse visitors in the heart of the foundation’s mission and values.

The area in front of the sixth floor elevators to the upper stories even has a selfie station which can be found using the #lcieducation hashtag.

Jacques Marchand, CEO of LaSalle College, and Sandra Parker, director of the foundation, couldn’t resist the special selfie opportunity.

Selfie #lcieducation de Jacques Marchand et Sandra Parker

What is the LCI Education Foundation?

The foundation’s main mission is to promote student retention and children’s literacy, particularly in the developing countries in which LCI Education operates.

Both LaSalle College and Inter-Dec College are part of the network which counts 22 campuses on five continents.

The LCI Foundation was established in an effort to open the eyes of its 12,000 students each year and to encourage them to become global citizens.

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Students, teachers and graduates can all suggest projects or fund-raising events. Click here to put forward a project and get involved in the community.

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