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February 16, 2017

Montreal has been named as the city most students would choose worldwide to pursue higher education by the QS international ranking of university cities.

One of the key advantages of Montreal is its status as a bilingual student city offering higher education programs in two big international languages - English and French. In addition, Montreal has one of the largest student populations in the world and many of its higher education institutions are in the World University Rankings.

Factors like the quality of universities, facilities for students, affordability, "desirability" of the city for students, access to employers, the international nature of the city, levels of tolerance, levels of pollution and public safety have helped modern and inclusive Montreal rise above prestigious contenders such as Paris and London. The desirability of Canada has skyrocketed for international students putting Montreal in top place, Vancouver in 10th and Toronto in 11th place, most notably since Brexit and the new government in the United States.

QS Best Student Cities 2017

1. Montreal
2. Paris
3. London
4. Seoul
5. Melbourne
6. Berlin
7. Tokyo
8. Boston
9. Munich
10. Vancouver

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