Early Childhood Education

Teacher Becomes Mentor for Classes Affaires Internship Program

July 10, 2017

As part of a series of portraits showcasing Classes Affaires’ mentors, Montréal Relève sat down with Anik Routhier, one of LaSalle College Montréal’s passionate teachers, to discuss the future generation of workers, internships and early childhood education.

According to Mrs. Routhier, "a good way to optimize your application or to gain a better salary is having an Early Childhood Education diploma. Such graduates usually find work rapidly, having the chance to experience different work environments and clienteles throughout substitution positions, which often lead to permanent jobs." She also adds that your diploma can offer you the possibility to become an independent worker or to even open your own daycare.

As for her very first experience as a Classes Affaires mentor, she admits to have been quite surprised by her 13 interns: "their creativity is just phenomenal and I choose to use that word, precisely. They surprised me in how they shared their ideas and how they were truly original and impressive! I even kept many of their ideas that I’m planning to reuse in some of my classes!"

We want to congratulate Mrs. Routhier for her dedication towards teaching and helping our youth! Read the full article here (French only) or get more information on our Early Childhood Education program.

About Classes Affaires

Founded in 2011, Classes Affaires is a program that offers 1-week internships within different organisations. Destined for students in their 3rd and 4th year of high school, we offer them the possibility to live an immersive experience in an industry of their choice.

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