Markantoine Delivers Testimonial at Gris-Montréal Press Conference | LaSalle College Montréal

Markantoine Delivers Testimonial at Gris-Montréal Press Conference

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September 25, 2019

On Thursday, September 19, GRIS-Montréal gave a press conference to officially launch their annual fundraising campaign to highlight the organization’s 25 years in existence.

During this press conference, fashion designer Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert came to talk about the assault that he and his partner survived on August 23 in La Malbaie.

LaSalle College also attended to support our graduate and teacher through this difficult time and to condemn homophobic actions and violence.

This terrible event shows us that these things still happen today and that it’s important to be crystal clear about our values of inclusion and respect, and to continue our mission to educate and inform.

As an educational institution, LaSalle College is proud to partner with GRIS-Montréal to promote student inclusion.

This non-profit’s mission is to ensure better awareness of sexual orientations and gender identities among young people in schools by sharing testimonials and to support people and organizations in being more inclusive to the diversity of sexual orientations and genders.

By speaking out about their assault, Markantoine and his partner want people to become aware of these experiences and to help eradicate violence against LGBT+ people.

“I think we will be able to eliminate this type of behavior through education.” – Markantoine

Over the next few months, the College will work closely with GRIS-Montréal to create and implement concrete actions to demystify LGBT+ people’s lived experiences and dismantle prejudice.

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