A bestselling author teaches event planning online
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A Bestselling Author Teaches Event Planning Online

Lyne Branchaud
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April 22, 2019

The E-Learning School’s tutors experience great success! Lyne Branchaud, the E-Learning School's Event Planning and Management tutor, is sharing her passion with her students.

Lyne became interested in the world of event planning after studying advertising and spending ten years working in various agencies.

During the course of her new career, Provigo asked her to take part in the Media Food Drive, as well as various sponsorship events for the President’s Choice brand. She then became the events coordinator at Uniprix, overseeing the purchasing trade show and the cosmetics trade show, as well as 5 to 7 managers.

She went on to launch her own consulting business, Guideevenement, and has served as its president for 9 years. Today, Lyne teaches courses in event organization and business development. She also organizes conventions, offers conferences, and provides consulting services.

Lyne is the author of "L’organisation d’un événement: guide pratique" [Organizing an event: a practical guide]. This work is used by several educational institutions that offer courses in event planning. She was writing a short guide for a new coordinator at her consulting agency when she came up with the idea of transforming her notes into a book. It is now a bestseller.

Why did you choose to teach online classes?

“I’ve been teaching online classes for more than 6 years now, and I love it. Online teaching gives us the opportunity to interact with students from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries.

Not only is it extremely rewarding for all participants concerned, it is also quite convenient for those who cannot travel or who are already working full time, but who still want to learn about the trade. Exchanges in a virtual classroom are identical to those that can be found in a physical classroom.”

What catch phrase do you use to motivate your students?

“I don’t really use a catch phrase to motivate my students because they are already motivated. However, I do think that making learning fun is the best source of motivation.”

How do you ensure that your online courses have a wow factor?

“To add a certain wow factor to my online courses, I try to put my students into as many real-world labor market situations as possible—through role plays, meetings with potential clients, requests for quotes from suppliers, opinion exchanges, and real case examples.

But mostly, I just have fun in my classes and try to pass on my passion for this field to the students.”

Can you tell us about any student experiences on the job market?

“I really love it when students organize their first events and then write to me, letting me know that they put their learning into practice or that it helped them discover and truly live their passion... It’s the best reward that a teacher can ever receive!”

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